Stent – Save a Life! expands its venture in South-East Asia

Whilst attending the AsiaPCR conference in Singapore earlier this year, representatives from 3 candidate countries, namely Hong Kong, Malaysia and Myanmar, had the opportunity to join the official signing ceremony on 25 January 2018 to become one of the official Stent – Save a Life! member countries/cities.

The declaration was signed by the respective appointed Country/City Champions and Cardiovascular Society Representatives in the presence of the Stent – Save a Life! Chairman, Dr. Christoph Naber from Germany, and the Asia Regional Champions, Dr. Paul Ong from Singapore and Dr. Michael Lee from Hong Kong.

As new Stent – Save a Life! member countries/cities, all the representatives have agreed to formulate their own 3-year plan to promote and execute a concrete strategy to implement primary PCI for STEMI in their own region. All of them also declared full compliance with the aims and objectives of the Stent – Save a Life! Global Initiative.

We wish them every success in their implementation of the primary PCI plan and hope they can contribute to bring the awareness and care of STEMI patients to a new level in Asia!

Signed declaration by the respective appointed Country Champions and Cardiovascular Society Representatives

Stent - Save a Life!

The Stent – Save a Life! global initiative aims to improve the delivery of care and patient access to the life saving indications of primary percutaneous coronary intervention (p-PCI), thereby reducing mortality and morbidity in patients suffering from acute coronary syndromes (ACS).


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