South Africa

Member since: September 2016

Local contact

Ahmed Vachiat

Country Champion

Ahmed Vachiat

Project Manager

Rhena Delport


Department of Chemical Pathology
School of Medicine
University of Pretoria
31 Bophelo Road
Gezina, Pretoria 0007 – South Africa

+2712 3563293
+2782 4454500

Participating organisations

  • South African Heart Association
  • South African Society of Cardiovascular Intervention (SASCI)

South African Heart Association

SA Heart® aims to promote and develop the life sciences pertaining to the cardiovascular system in health and disease in South Africa, while promoting good fellowship among those involved in the treatment of patients with cardiovascular disease or with research interests involving the cardiovascular system.

International guidelines emphasize early appropriate treatment for ST-elevation Myocardial Infarction (STEMI) where “Time is Muscle”. In alignment with the Stent for Life initiative, of which South Africa is now an affiliated country, the SA Heart Association (SAHA) and the South African Society of Cardiovascular Intervention (SASCI) seek to improve the management of acute coronary syndrome (ACS) patients in South Africa, saving lives, and more importantly, ensuring a better outcome for all STEMI cases and less of a cardiovascular disease (CVD) burden to society as a whole.

With the guidance of SSL Europe, SSL South Africa proposes to improve the management of STEMI cases in accordance with the defined objectives and through the implementing of action plans.

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to SSL Europe and The European Association of Percutaneous Cardiovascular Interventions for their support and guidance. Contributions and support from other SSL countries and from our industry partners and friends are gracefully acknowledged.

PO Box 3213
7602, South Africa
Tel: +27 21-889 6129

Country objectives

  • Recruitment of cardiologists in regions across South-Africa
  • to organise education meetings for HCP on the management of STEMI, ACS and other chest pain syndromes across all provinces;
  • to drive the educational project, to develop regional networks and solutions; and
  • to contribute towards registries for measurement and monitoring of the impact of education initiatives and other strategic interventions.

Collaboration with countries with similar needs to learn from them and share our experiences with them.
Establishment of a network amongst STEMI care providers (public and private), central and local government, medical insurance companies and private sector funders;
Deployment of central and regional public awareness programs and establishment of institutional / other patient education strategies with the aid of other existing organisations (Heart and Stroke Foundation).

Country Key Plans

  • Establish a representative steering committee – preferably at national level – with Government support;
  • Set up task groups for each objective and define action plans with key account holders and quality indicators;
  • Education workshops to be presented in all provinces;
  • Improve partnerships with other bodies that educate at-risk patients / run campaigns;
  • Source information on STEMI prevalence and patient outcome in all regions;
  • Map facilities’ capabilities to diagnose and treat STEMI (Clinics / Hospitals, HCW, etc) and identify needs in remote areas;
  • ‘Delays in early reperfusion for STEMI project to be operationalized in at least one region per province;
  • Evaluate software solutions for data collection and IT supported patient management;
  • Revise STEMI workbook and distributed nationally;
  • Develop SA SSL webpage and regularly update SA Heart STEMI webpage; and
  • Invite industry partners and medical funders to contribute to planning and development.

South African Society of Cardiovascular Intervention (SASCI)

SASCI is a non-profit registered section 21 company which was formed in 2003 with 109 Full Members and 71 Associate members. The society principle objective is to further CPD accredited education in interventional cardiology.

Physical address:
113 Herbert Baker Street, Groenkloof, Pretoria – South Africa
Postal address:
PO Box 26716, Monument Park 0151 – South Africa
Tel: +2783 458 5954

Stent - Save a Life!

The Stent – Save a Life! global initiative aims to improve the delivery of care and patient access to the life saving indications of primary percutaneous coronary intervention (p-PCI), thereby reducing mortality and morbidity in patients suffering from acute coronary syndromes (ACS).


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